Qualifies for Server Verification

For all types of server verification, your soon-to-be-verified server will need to follow the Verified Server Moderation Guidelines, and meet our Community Guidelines.

Your server’s existing community should already be fairly active and excited to be a part of your server! We love seeing an engaged community around games.


We are currently accepting applications for Game Developers, Game Publishers, Professional Esports teams, and Spotify Verified Musical Artists! There are a couple different requirements for each type of application which we will go over in more detail, but there are some basic requirements that everyapplication should follow when applying.

  • The applicant must both be the owner of the server and an official representative of the game/team/artist that is applying.
  • The applicant should include as much relevant information as possible to help us verify the validity of the application
  • The applicant should use a formal email address related to the game/studio/team/artist to make it easier for us to understand that they hold an official position.
  • The server should have channel and role structures as outlined in the moderation guidelines help document.

Now then, let’s go over what we should see when we look at your applications:


Did you make a game? Are you publishing a game for others? Let us help give your community THE OFFICIAL Discord server to hang out in, and chat about your creation!

First off, your server will need to be ran by either the development team, or publisher behind the game in question. In addition, your game will need to be live and playable by anyone who wants to get their hands on it! This can be an open beta, or a full released game, but playable nonetheless!

Servers that are not owned by the game publisher or studio itself, but instead are community-led, don’t qualify for Server Verification. You may want to check out our Discord Partner program instead!

We cannot and will not accept applications for servers based around mods for a pre-existing game, whether it’s expanding the base game, a total conversion mod, or a game made using the assets of a pre-existing game. In short, the game needs to be your own IP (intellectual property) using your own OC (original content).


Do you manage a community based around, or own a professional esports team? We can give your fans a place to Pogchamp when your players make crazy plays or when the team clutches the win for the whole shebang.

Your esports team server must be owned by a representative of the esports organization itself. The content of the server must be related to the organization or team. We will not be accepting applications from fan-created communities around esports teams.

Lastly, your team should have past experience being invited to a major offline tournament or LAN.


Make some sweet jams? Distribute some sweet tunes? A verified Discord server is just the place for you to gather your listeners and let them nerd out over your audible creations.

Your server must be owned by the music artist, or by a record label. The server should be primarily focused on the music or the artist, but it’s cool to have some gaming content in there as well.

As of right now we are only accepting Spotify Verified Artists with a healthy amount of monthly listeners. If your content is primarily focused on another platform like Soundcloud or YouTube, we won’t be able to verify your server at this time.

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